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Enemies are extremely accurate and have an increased amount of health, while players can be killed in just a few shots from enemy fire. This includes a number of key gameplay mechanics and Horde Mode. Completing acts on Insane gets you the achievements for completing the acts on Hardcore as well, unless you've already completed those acts on Hardcore. It can be done by yourself. While playing on this difficulty, Dom and Marcus ' health are much lower than normal.

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Yes, its fairly easy if you know how to play the game.

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tyring to beat gears of war on hardcore difficulty...

Please log in to vote. OspreyDawn Follow Forum Posts: Achieving Perfect and successful reloads is an excellent strategy on Insane. There is only one hole to plug up and after that they are just going to keep hammering you until kill them off. However, the health of Allied characters except Dom are greatly increased to allow the player a chance to survive and prevent them from looking too pathetic. By leveling, access is gained to newer character skins, allowing players to show off both as an avatar and a number.

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